Tensei thumb
Original 「転生」
Romaji 「Tensei」
English "Rebirth"
Singer(s) Kagamine Rin, Camui Gackpo
Release Date
Album(s) Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Series Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo

Tensei (「転生」 - "Rebirth") is a bonus track from Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo. The dialogue is briefly shown at the beginning of AI Shoujo to Shinsou Shinkai.


Dr. Realist is talking with Tensei Shoujo who has returned from the Stella System, asking for her help to destroy it. He explains that her illusionary world which should have disappeared the moment she returned into reality was left behind, and Maigo Shoujo who live in that world is now "lost" without her presence. This had caused an error in the system and made a hole in the program. He then explains, because he is not originally from this planet, he has been rejected by the program and thus cannot enter it by himself. He also explains that there are many other planets that have fallen into similar situation, how hard it is for him to destroy everything without any help. Tensei Shoujo agrees to help him, so he gives her a body to interfere with the system and a new name, Rho.














☆「When you returned to reality, the world you inhabited should have been destroyed
  However, it still exists.
  You are the first to completely return from the system,
  because you caused an irregularity」

☆「About that girl you loved……
  I suppose you could say she's become "lost."」

 「……Is that so.」

☆「Really it's been rather troublesome but,
  Because of that a hole has been created in the Stella program.
  I would like you to go and stop this foolish program.」

 「Can't you go and do it?」

☆「I am not from this star to begin with.
  I have been rejected from the system.
  And so, I would like you to go to the core of Stella.
  Despite myself, I will follow behind you.」

☆「This is also to save the one you love.
  You wanted her to be happy until the end of time, didn't you?」


☆「And also, after that……
  There are many stars that have fallen prey to the same fate.
  There is no way that I can destroy them all on my own.
  And so I need someone of your talent.
  I must ask you to lend me your strength」

 「……I guess it's fine. I don't have much else to do」

☆「That makes things easy. I am extremely grateful.
  Now, allow me to give you a body that can interfere with the program.
  From now on…… you shall be known as ρ.」



  • This is the only dialogue in the series that appears to have been completely retconned out of the series with the release of the novelization. Though a similar scene exists in the Lost Girl chapter, certain other plot changes that are made in the novel make most of what is said in the album version obsolete.


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