Rho thumb
Character Design cosMo
Character Information
Name ρ
Gender Female
Hair color Infinity color
Eye color Red (right), Green (left)
Series Kuusou Teien, Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Status Alive

Rho (ρ) is a character that first appears in the song ANTI THE∞HOLiC. She is represented by the vocaloid Kagamine Rin



Tensei Shoujo has returned from the Stella System, This had caused an error in the system and made a hole in the program. Dr. Realist then explains, because he is not originally from this planet, he has been rejected by the program and thus cannot enter it by himself. He also explains that there are many other planets that have fallen into similar situation, how hard it is for him to destroy everything without any help. Tensei Shoujo agrees to help him, so he gives her a body to interfere with the system and a new name, Rho.


Personality and traitsEdit



- Her height is 157cm.

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