Kuroneko Garakuta Dou
NND mylist / YT
Original 黒猫瓦落多堂
English Black Cat's Antique Shop
Singer(s) GUMI, IA
Start May 13th, 2013
End -
Other media(s)
Preceded by Hoshi no Shoujo to Gensou Rakudo
Kuroneko Garakuta Dou (黒猫瓦落多堂 - Black Cat's Antique Shop) is a series by cosMo under the name Kuroneko Antique. The series is posted in a different mylist entitled Sore Demo Yappari Neko ga Suki (それでもやっぱり猫が好き - But Still I Love Cats)


Song listEdit


  • cosMo links to the mylist as cat videos (猫動画 - neko douga)

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